Automatic 1kg rice sugar bag packing machine

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Automatic 1kg rice sugar bag packing machine is designed to complete automatic weighting,filling,bag making,sealing,bag cutting works and mainly used for packing granule type materials with good fluidity and non-sticky.The main part of it is the cup filling device and packing device.This packaging unit is controlled by PLC programmable control system and servo driving system. It adopt human touch interface which can finish these works from bag forming & making, bags counting, date printing, air emptying, finished product conveying as well as other functions.

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Detail information of rice packing machine

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The rotary disc and cup metering device is driven by the motor & worm type reducer gear. Suit for granule & particle item that is with good fluidity and non-sticky,such as sugar, rice, peanut, seeds, salt, desiccant particle etc. The packing weight is easy adjustable to control the cup’s effective filling volume. Because the granule item(such as rice, sugar, sunflower seed etc) is free flowing, so we make the uncork door meter glass dosing device. Measure range: 250g-1000g (by adjust volumetric cups), speed of quantity fixing: 10-60 times/minute( adjustable).

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Parameters of sugar bag packing machine

Model GT-PM-G-300
Packing film width 50-300mm
Finished pouch size Length: 40-150mm
Width: 25mm-80mm
Filling capacity 5g – 200g
Filling speed 20-80bags/min
Power supply 750W, AC220V, 50Hz
Machine weight 320kg

Main Features of 1kg rice packaging machine

1. Automatic feeding, measuring, bag-making, deviation, filling, sealing, date printing and finished product output .
2.The sachet salt packing machine controlled by PLC (Schneider/France) and Touch Screen (Schneider/France).
3. Servo motor (Schneider/France) drawing film.
4. Independent temperature control system (Schneider/France).
5. Horizontal and vertical sealing temperature control independently.
6. Simple and fast bag size changeover without tools.
7. Easy to maintain-low maintenance.
8. Work environment quiet,low noise,saving energy.

After-sales Service

1.One Year Warranty,As long as there is a non-human fault in a year,free re-placement parts.
2.Parts Replacement,Don’t worry about the parts damaged or not sold after the machine is sold.we have a field factory with hundreds of employees to serve you.
3.Engineer Assignment,Lifelong maintenance,If your equipment breaks down,we will arrange engineers to repair it.
4.Online Instruction,We open online services,as long as your equipment failure,our engineers will be the first time for a one-to-one troubleshooting.
5.Feedback Survey,The engineer is required to bring a questionnaire to fill in the satisfaction with the engineer and the use of the equipment.

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