Automatic Filling Powder Packing Machine

Short Description:

1.more reasonable structure, more advanced technology.
2.Imported PLC computer control system,
3. easy to operate, intuitive and efficient.
4.Fast speed,high precision.

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Automatic auger filling machine Applicable

Automatic Filling Powder Packing Machine is used in dosing and filling work. Its special professional design is suitable for coffee powder, flour, condiments, solid beverages, veterinary drugs, glucose, medicine, powder additives, talcum powder, agricultural pesticides, dyes and other fluid or low-flow materials.

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Food powder packing machine description

Automatic Filling Powder Packing Machine is powered by a PLC, enabling you to program and store operation instructions. When paired with an automatic feeding device, your automated production efficiency grows even higher!
Exquisite Appearance
High-quality stainless-steel construction gives the machine both a streamlined look and exceptional performance, resisting corrosion and serving you for years to come.
Advanced Technology
Cutting & sealing parts
*High speed of fine and clean cutting and sealing bags.
*Positioned stop function avoid sticking blades and wasting materials.
*According to customer needs,the bag types can be changed:back seal, three sides seal, four side seal.

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Dry powder filler main features

1. The structure of the machine is tight, firm, with reasonable design and simple appearance.
2. Stepping motor film, can adjust the parameters on the screen, easy to operate.
3. Frequency conversion speed regulation, more stable operation, lower noise, lower failure probability
4. It can be even packaged or individually packaged, and can be connected to the inflatable device to meet the needs of different products.
5. Automatic bag-making from metering, filling, metering, sealing, printing date, product output one-time completion.
6. eye mark sensor control system is adopted for accurate packing of products
7.Borrow the principle of spring pressure knife, pneumatic cutting.

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Technology Parameter

Model GT-PM-P-300
Packing film width 50-300mm
Finished pouch size Length: 40-150mmWidth: 25mm-80mm
Filling capacity 5g – 200g
Filling speed 20-60bags/min
Filling weight accuracy ≥99.5%
Power supply 750W, AC220V, 50Hz
Machine size 95cm*110cm*168cm
Machine weight 320kg

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the quality of your products?
Our products are prohibited according to national and international standard, and we take a test on every machine before delivery. dry powder ribbon mixer horizontal ribbon mixer ribbon mixer,dry powder ribbon mixer horizontal ribbon mixer
2. Guarantee
If the quality is not consistent with the description as we said or promised before you place order, we promise you 100% refund.dry powder ribbon mixer horizontal ribbon mixer ribbon mixer,dry powder ribbon mixer horizontal ribbon mixer
3.How about price?
We have our own factory and can give you the lowest price,besides, we have a policy that “for saving time and absolutely honest business attitude, we quote as low as possible, discount can be given according to quantity.
4. Can I customize?
Most of our machine can be customized, so you can tell your kinds of requirement before ordering. We will try to meet yours requirement.

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