Chilli Spice milk Powder Filling Machine

Short Description:

1.50L side opening Hopper ,easy to clean
2.Packaging powdery in 50-5000g bottle or bag .
3.Servo motor drive the auger ,got high accuracy .
4.Have one stir on the hopper ,assure the powder fill in the auger .

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Auger filler powder packing machine application

This Chilli Spice milk Powder Filling Machine is suitable for: food, chemicals, minerals, building materials, medicine, salt, pesticides,fertilizers, veterinary drugs, feed, mixtures, additives, flour, starch, milk powder, soybean powder, chocolate powder, cement,caulking agent, leak plugging Quantitative packaging machine for Wang, instant beverages, compound condiments, natural condiments,enzyme preparations, and other powdery (micron, super-micron) materials.

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Auger filling machine characteristic

1, Chilli Spice milk Powder Filling Machine Using Fully Digital AC Servo Motor to control material discharge, torque is larger and have higher precision.
2, Strong & Weak Current is completely isolated, effectively avoid strong current interference, improves the stability of whole system to further strengthen and improve the service life of the machine.
3, The weighing machine is integrated with display screen .
4, Faster: stepper motor maximum operating speed is in commonly within 300 ~ 600 RPM or the AC servo motor rated speed (generally is 2000 RPM and 3000 RPM). Can be rated output torque, in for a constant power output above the rated speed.

Chilli Spice milk Powder Filling Machine (1)

Chilli Spice milk Powder Filling Machine (5)


Model GT-PM-P-5
Power supply 1000W, AC380V, 50Hz
Filling capacity 50g – 5000g
Filling speed 10 – 20 bags/min
Filling weight accuracy ≥99.5%
Machine size 0.6m*0.5m*2m
Machine weight 260kg

Semi automatic powder packing machine features

Chilli Spice milk Powder Filling Machine Suitable for all kinds of bottles, cans and bags of quantitative filling. The containers is not restrict.
All stainless steel construction. And the contacted materials are 304 stainless steel.
The filling motor is stepper motor or imported servo motor, depending on the customer’s choice.
Photoelectric sensor control to fill materials, and pedal switch for filling is optional.
Feedback value is adjustable to meet a variety of requirements of precision.
The filling motor speed is adjustable to meet the requirements of various materials.
Alarm and automatic correcting error.
Filling weight is adjustable from 50 grams to 5000 grams. Please refer to the small-dose auger filling machine if your filling weight less than 5 grams.
Less land occupation.
Together with screw conveyor feeder to achieve automatic materials level control.

Our Services

1) Professional advice and rich experience help to choose machine.
2) Lifelong and considerate technical support
3) Technicians can be sent to abroad to install.
4) Any problem before or after delivery, you could find and talk with us anytime.
5) Video / CD of test running and installation, Manual book, tool box sent with machine.

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