Milk powder ribbon mixer machine

Short Description:

1.Machine suit for all kinds of dry powder.
2.Machine using PLC +touch screen control.
3.All body made of stainless steel.
4.Machine with high efficiency.

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The milk powder ribbon mixer machine is designed to mix all kinds of dry powder.It consists of one U-shaped horizontal mixing tank and two groups of mixing ribbon: outer ribbon displace the power from the end to the center and inner ribbon move the powder from the center to the ends .This counter current action results in homogeneous mixing.The cover of the tank can be made as open in order to cleaning and change parts easily.

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Application of milk powder mixing machine

The ribbon mixer machine is suit for powder item that is low fluidity, such as milk powder, food additive powder, starch, seasoning powder, cocoa powder, coffee powder etc. Also it is suit for fine granule item such as dry detergent powder etc.

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The features of milk powder ribbon blender

1. This powder ribbon mixer adopts double screw structure . The inner screw pushes the material form central to sides and the outer screw push the material from sides to the center to make the material effective mixing. The machine can be made into stainless304/316/316L according to different materials character ,mixing time is 8-10min per batch, no dead corner left.

2.The powder mixer’s degree of mixing CV is smaller than 5%. The discharging type have manual and pneumatic switch. The pneumatic discharging way is a little faster .

3.This machine has two feeding inlets , one is used to add main materials, the other is used to add Additives. also has liquid pump , when liquid spray to materials,it will be steam type , which makes high mixing efficiency.

4.The powder mixing equipment has double spiral , when mixing the material will go from one screw side to the other side ,then along the other screw moving in opposite way.


Parameters of ribbon mixer machine

Machine model


Machine material

Stainless steel 304

Machine capacity

500 liter

Power supply

5.5kw AC380V 50Hz

Mixing time

10 – 15 minute

Machine size


Machine weight


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