Malaysia consumer place an order of powder packing machine

On the last two days of March 2022,Luohe Guantuo company gets a new order from Malaysia consumer,It is a powder packing machine and the consumer wants to use this machine to pack coffee powder. After talking about his requirement and leaning about the detail information of our powder packing machine, he is very satisfactory and finally make the order.That is really a good thing for us because our products’ quality and price obtained the customers approval.

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The powder packing machine for this Malaysia consumer is a semi automatic powder filling packing machine, it can complete automatic weighting and quantitative filling,and the container has no limited, both bags and bottles can be used as the final container to complete filling and packing. The application field of this machine is very wide, it suit for packing powder materials in food industry,chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries such as milk powder, coffee powder, protein powder, chilli powder, spice powder, detergent powder, cosmetic powder and so on.

This Malaysia consumer requires the machine made of stainless steel material, and can up to the food safety standard, he wants the structure of this machine adopts vertical and have small area so that it can save more space.When talking about the operation methods and working principle of this machine, we send the operation video and our factory producing video to him so that he can have more clear understanding about our machines’ quality and parameters. Besides, we also show him the core component, all of them adopting famous brand which can ensure the machine has long service life. After confirming all the details,he paid the deposit and our March has a happy ending.

Malaysia consumer place an order of powder packing machine (2)

Features of Guantuo powder packing machine
1.Adopting servo motor driving,running stably and with high efficiency.
2.Screw way to fix metering auger in the hopper.It will not make material stock and easy for cleaning.
3.Height adjust hand wheel for filling nozzle-It is suitable for filling into bottles/bags with different height.
4.Different sizes metering auger and filling nozzles-to metering different filling weight and suitable for container mouth with different diameter.
5.Equipped with touch screen control panel,it is more convenient to adjust working data like filling weight,conveying speed during testing process.

Post time: Apr-07-2022