Tea bag outer envelope tea bag packing machine

Short Description:

1. It is suit for packing tea leaves or herb, it is widely used in beverage and drink industry;
2. The packing machine combine the funciton of tea bag packing and envelop packing;
3. It is suit for green tea, herb tea, powder tea, granule tea etc.

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The Tea Bag Packing Machine is suitable for tea, herbal tea, health tea, morninga tea and other small particles grassroots class of inner and outer bag disposable packaging. The tea bag machine adopt rotary filling working principle to fill and seal.The inner and outer packing machine can finish automatic filling, sealing, film cutting etc. The tea bag packing machine is suit for packing filling various tea and herb leaves such as powder tea, granule tea, Sri Lanka tea/red tea, green tea, health herbs tea, scented tea, petal tea, ginseng tea etc.

Tea bag outer envelope tea bag packing machine (2)

Tea bag outer envelope tea bag packing machine (1)

Specification of the tea bag packing machine

Machine packing capacity 1g-5g
Inner bag size L:50-75mm W:50-75mm (3-side sealing)
Outer bag size L:85-120mm W:75-100mm (3-side sealing)
paper tag size 25*25mm
Packing speed 20-30bags/minute
Power supply 1.7Kw, 220V/50Hz
Compressed air supply 0.6-0.8MPa

Tea bag outer envelope tea bag packing machine (3)

The tea bag packing machine’s characteristic

1.the outer envelope packing film is driven by the stepper motor control, the output bag length is constant and  accurate positioning;
2.The packing machine adopt PID regulator temperature controller, temperature control more accurate;
3.The tea bag machine configured touch screen, easy to operate;
4.All the envelope tea packing machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, a reliable guarantee of health products;
5.The automatic inner filter bag and outer envelope tea packing machine can complete the attachment flat cutting, date printing, easy to tear, and other functions.
6.The output product of tea bag from this machine various: we have traditional tea bag (filter bag) for consumer option. The tea bag fixed with cotton string and paper tag. Also we have triangle / pyramid tea bag machine: the finished packing tea bag is also with  cotton string and paper tag: these design is very popular on tea drinking market: this is for consumer simply enjoy the tea bag.

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