Tea leaves triangle bag packing machine with envelope

Short Description:

1. It is s smaller triangle tea bag packing machine line;
2. The whole plant consisit of triangle tea bag packing machine and envelop packing machine;
3. All the machine running and packing is automaticially, with less labour cost.

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The tea bag filling machine is suitable for green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee, Chinese tea, ground coffee, health tea, herbal tea, granule tea. The output tea bag is triangle with string and paper tag, also we offer the triangle tea bag envelop packing machine for consumer option. Usually the machine making tea bag finished product various: tradition filter paper tea bag, nylon triangle tea bag. The machine can automatically finish tea leaves loading, weighing and measuring, tea bag making, sealing, cutting, counting, finished product output conveying, and other functions.

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1. Tea pyramid packing machine is consists of stepper motor control and Siemens PLC system, bag length making is stable, accurate positioning;

2. The tea bag sealing nylon film is controlled by stepper motor, it will be constant bag length, all the output product will be same specification;

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3.The tea bag packing machine suit for various tea bag material / packing film material: traditional filter paper, nylon, non-woven fabric bag etc. All these tea bag is suit for soaked into hot water and sanitation is guaranteed;

4.The tea bag machine adopt the principle of ultra sonic cutting and sealing, this will making the bag cutting is more evenly than traditional knife cutting and heat-sealing, for the ultra sonic is more quiet running and tea bag sealing welding is more rigid, the tea bag is hardly crack and broken even soaked in 100 ℃ hot water. Besides the tea bag is with paper tag and cotton string, it is such convenient for consumer get out the tea bag and enjoy drinking.

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The specification of tea leaves packing machine

Packing capacity 1 – 5 gram
Packing film width Max 140mm
Packing speed 20 – 30 bags/min
Tea bag material Nylon, non-woven fabric, PET material,
Corn fiber PLA biodegradable materials
Power supply 3.2kW AC220V 50Hz
Compressed air supply 0.6-0.8MPa
Whole plant size 3.8m * 1.3m * 2.2m
Whole plant weight 1400kg

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